I found these random things online and I need all of them in my life right now.

Slide and Stairs

Stairs aren’t exactly much fun.  That is unless you’re a child and can slide down the banister.  But then again, that isn’t exactly very safe though.  So how’s this for a solution, put a slide down the side of the stairs.  I honestly hate the stairs in my place.  If they had a slide i’d be outside way more often.

Stairs with a slide

The James Bond esque Wine Cellar

This wine cellar ain’t going to be cheap.  But who cares.  It looks amazing.  I’m also not sure how practical it is.  But it’s full of wine – so I can’t really do much complaining.

James bond wine cellar

The Wall Shelf Desk

This is just really, really clever.  After seeing this, i’m starting to wonder why more furniture isn’t designed like this.  Can I get a coffee table, tv unit combo?

Wall shelf desk

The Bike Shelf Bookcase

To be honest I don’t currently own a bike.  And maybe if I had this cleverly designed shelf it would inspire me to get one.  And who knows, maybe it would also inspire me to read more as well.  Unlikely, but it looks cool.

Bike shelf desk

The Cup and Biscuit Combo

Cup with biscuit pocket

Don’t shoot me, I don’t really like biscuits.  Give me cake any day.  But one occasion I do love biscuits is when I have a cup of tea.  A dunked biscuit is divine.  This clever little cup has a place for biscuit.  Although I’m a little concerned about the amount of liquid this contains.