For a third-world country, you’re pretty well-developed.
I Motion to invade Djibouti with the aid of Greece.
Belize let me hold you.
I’m Hungary for Djibouti.
Motion for a one-on-one unmoderated caucus.
I Ecuador you.
I want to visit your Netherlands.
You can lift my sanctions any day!
If I were a gavel, I would bang you all night.
I can Cam your Bodia.
I motion to table the Chair.
You’re my point of personal inquiry.
I’m your point of personal privilege.
Can I put missiles in your country?
Is that a placard in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
Can I moderate your caucus?
Are you a topic? Because I’d love to table you.
How long is your conference?
I hope that gavel’s not the only thing you’re banging.
It’s not about how big your placard is, it’s about how long you can keep it up.
If you’re as long as the speaker’s list, meet me in the bathroom.
I’ll czech your republic.
It’s not about how big your gavel is, it’s about how hard you bang it.
My lips are weapons of mass destruction. Would you care to dismantle them?
I’d like to motion you to the floor.
I motion to have a ten-minute unmoderated caucus… in your pants.
Hey, wanna merge?
It’s not the length of the caucus that counts… it’s what you do with it.
I motion to enlongate the caucus.